My name is Jane and I live in Essex with my family.

We live next door to beautiful woodland which our dogs love to romp around in.

I breed authentic Australian Labradoodles and these magnificent dogs have become my passion. I am very lucky to have an understanding family who are happy to tolerate the occasional disruption that occurs with a litter of puppies. Australian Labradoodles are calm well behaved dogs that are easy to live with, which is a huge bonus as we are all now completely hooked on the breed!  It is no surprise to us that the Australian Labradoodle is now recognised as one of the top ten favourite family dogs around the world.

My goal is to produce puppies from the best breeding dogs.  Doodle Hall dogs have been carefully selected for their beauty and temperament.  Some of my dogs come from breeders who are amongst the best breeders in U.S.A and Canada.   Doodle Hall dogs have all come from many generations of dogs that have been health tested to the the highest standards available to breeders.  My breeding lines go all the way back to the original breeders in Australia namely Rutland Manor and Tegan Park.  They are consistent in temperament, looks and have more allergy-friendly non shedding coats.  You can see in our Gallery that all our dogs and puppies have the magnificent thick fleece coat and conformation that the Australian Labradoodle is renowned for.

I do not breed many puppies but I am very proud of those I do produce. Our dogs are primarily our pets and are happy sound dogs that produce the same qualities in their puppies. Our dogs live with us in our home or in loving family homes with our friends. They all live as adored family members.  This is where they reach their full potential as companion dogs, which is what Australian Labradoodles were bred for.  They are extremely loyal and affectionate and are devoted to their owners.  I  believe that Australian Labradodles are not suited to a kennel environment.   Our dogs and puppies are never exposed to a kennel environment.

Doodle Hall puppies receive the ultimate care and plenty of cuddles from just a few days old. They benefit hugely from constant interaction and the best socialisation possible. I breed beautiful well adjusted puppies that mature into wonderful trainable dogs which make them perfect family pets.  They possess a combination of calm intelligence, affection and playfulness.  They will be as athletic as you want them to be whilst at the same time they also provide great companionship.  Their intuitive nature makes them ideal companions for families with young children of all ages and abilities.  They are simply the perfect companion!

Our puppies are sold with pet contracts. We do not early spay or neuter, (E.S.N.) our puppies before they leave our home. After much independent research and discussions with numerous vets, we believe that puppies need their hormones to grow, both physiologically and psychologically. We do not feel that E.S.N. benefits the puppies in any way. Until quality research has been undertaken that proves that no harm is done, we will not carry out this procedure. We do support the spaying and neutering of dogs at a more mature age as this does have some proven health benefits. It is a stipulation within our legally binding Companion Pet Puppy Contract that all pet puppies are spayed or neutered by the age of ten months and proof of the procedure carried out is provided to Doodle Hall before the puppy reaches 12 months of age.

As you can see much time, research and investment has been put into producing our high quality puppies and all the necessary health tests have been performed on our dogs prior to breeding. We feed our dogs a very high quality food called Gentle which assures that at Doodle Hall you can be confident that you are adopting a healthy happy puppy.

All puppies are microchipped and sold under legally binding Companion Pet Contracts as pets only unless breeding rights have been purchased.

They are also: Fully wormed from two weeks, health checked by a vet, vaccinated & insured.

To help them settle in their new homes puppies come with a blanket, comprehensive puppy care instructions, advice on crate training and simple grooming instructions.

We hope that you enjoy browsing our site where you will find many pictures of our beautiful dogs and their offspring.

Please phone me anytime if you want to talk dogs. If I don’t answer just leave a message or email me.

Jane Hall